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make comp rows and columns
I know the default row orientation in make comp is horizontal.  Is there any way to make the rows vertical when setting row ticks?  I still need the orientation to be upper left so I want to make the rows vertical in order to count the tubes from top to bottom.

Design with rows horizontal and rotate.   Below is an example of a group of tubes having 30-30 pitch when looking at the horizontal row.  To make rows vertical with the origin in the upper left after rotation, set the origin to Upper Right, pitch should be 60-60, and group angle should be 90.  A positive group angle will rotate the entire group counter-clockwise. 


Once OK is selected, add ticks and you should have what you are looking for.  Click on pictures for examples of the edit group screen and map. 

Thanks Chris. This really helped. Your diagrams and instruction were spot on. I learned that I needed to draw the diagram with origin in Upper left (orientated similar to your first picture), then switch it to upper right, then click ok. This allowed the clicks to be along the top of the tube bundle as opposed to the bottom per your lower picture above.

I should've asked this question years ago.

Thank you!

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