CoreStar International Corp

Eddy Current Test Equipment and Probes

RFT Exchanger

RFT Exchanger Probe

CoreStar remote field heat exchanger probes are designed for straight-length carbon steel tube inspection. Standard features include a permanent stainless steel shell, 50' of 3/8" shaft, water resistant construction, dual or single driver coil excitation and 3 and 6 pin Amphenol connectors.

RFT Boiler

RFT Boiler Probe

The CoreStar Remote Field Boiler Probe is designed for the inspection of carbon steel tube applications with bent or straight section boiler tubes. Standard features include flexible probe body, 65.0' of 0.5" shaft, water tight construction, and replaceable centering brushes. Please note that the height of the centering brush will be cut to fit your specific tube inspection application. This probe is capable of detecting and sizing flaws as small as a single 50% flat bottom hole with a .250 inch diameter.